Monday, July 26, 2010


Puding ni fina buatkan sebagai pencuci mulut utk berbuka td,resepinyer dari umah k.nor ganu tp resepi asal menurut k.nor dari umah Gert. K.nor fina mnx izin cnp resepinyer letak kt cni yer..


600 ml water
120 gram sugar
8 gram agar agar powder
3 pandan leaves
300 ml milk
200 ml coconut milk
A few drop of pandan paste

1. In a medium size saucepan bring the water, agar agar power and pandan leaves to boil. Let it boil for 3 minute until agar agar power dissolved.
2. Add in sugar; continue to stir until sugar dissolved. Lastly pour in the milk and coconut milk. Turn down the heat and bring the mixture to a slow simmer. Turn off the heat and remove the pandan leaves.
3. Remove ¾ of the mixture and add in a small drop of pandan paste. Pour into prepared pan or mould. Let it set before pouring the balance of the agar agar (white portion) mixture on top. Let it set and serve cold.

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